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About company

MEDKON company was founded in 2007. Over the past few years we became not only one of the largest distributors of medical equipment but also an expert in implementing multilevel projects on establishment, reconstruction and equipping healthcare institutions.

Today MEDKON is a comprehensive integrator and an expert improving hospitals operation through provision of the advanced technological solutions and complex set of services needed for their implementation.



HEALTHCARE SERVICE TODAY is an integrated system which combines scientific and practical achievements, advanced medical techniques and the modern high technology equipment. Being aware of complexity of the tasks performed by the Russian healthcare service, MEDKON has been facilitating its development by introducing the newest solutions in the sphere of high technology medicine and forming the environment for their effective performance.

OUR STRATEGIC CLIENTS are medical facilities located all over Russian Federation. Cooperating with them we always try to be committed to our main principles – punctuality and integrity. This let us win the trust and take part in major government projects of implementation of medical facilities.

WE ALWAYS REMEMBER that our reliable and well-coordinated work determines the arrangement of the entire medical care process, and, consequently, life and health of people. Sharing the doctors’ concerns for their patients’ lives, year by year we have been providing them with high quality products, designing and constructing hospitals and making every effort to make advanced medical technologies be successfully used for the benefit of everyone.

MEDKON is not only a supplier, designer and constructor but also a professional consultant focused on honesty and openness, applying individual approach to each customer. Our specialists do not work by a standard pattern; they always consider individual needs of customers.